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Our website has a variety of free online games that we have put together for you and are divided into several topics: Adventure, Strategy, Board, Action, Girls, Mind, Sport, Card, Match, Hidden Objects . You can play the free online games on the site through the computer and through the cell phone. If you ask yourself why our name is Tugulu? Because we think it’s a really cute and funny name, sounds good and reflects what we do.

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❓ How to use Tugulu Games – Free Online Games ❓

At the top of each page, the various game categories are displayed – divided into colored buttons so that it is easy to distinguish between them In order to enter, for example, sport games, you must simply click on the blue button that says “Sport” and then you will reach the page that centers all the sport games we have on the site and you can choose a game by clicking on it.

It is important for us to note that most of the games on the site are adapted to the cell phone so that you can play them comfortably through the cell phone, but there are games that are not so optimized that’s why when you activate them a message will pop up saying that the game is not fully optimized for the cell phone and you decide if you still want to play and if so, just click OK. When you click on any game you have chosen to play, the game will open in a separate window and then the game will start loading.

In addition, there are games that, after you activate them, the game will not appear and a note of drawing a cell phone screen will appear – in this case, you will need to rotate the cell phone to horizontal rather than vertical as usual and allow automatic rotation of the screen in the device settings – in order that the game will be able to run on your device because there are games whose display mode is wide and spread horizontally.

Social network buttons will appear on the left side of each game page so you can conveniently share the site or the specific games page with whoever you want by clicking on the social network in which you are interested in sharing the link.
We wish you to enjoy all the free online games here on the site.